Merry Makers

13 September 2017

Federation Chamber

Monday 27 February 2017

Every Thursday night at the Entrance Public School up to 80 adults with an intellectual disability and their carers meet for the Merry Makers Dance. Merry Makers is a volunteer community charity founded by the late Gordon House in 1987. It has been providing social activities for people with disability across the Central Coast for almost 30 years.

In addition to the weekly dance, Merry Makers meets for dinner dances, barbecues, picnics and monthly social outings. The service relies on volunteers as committee members, hosts and bus drivers, and I would like to acknowledge the 20 volunteers who give their time so generously.

I had a great time with the Merry Makers last week, and I thank Lloyd for inviting me to take part and for all he does to told these great occasions. Thank you to Barry, one of the many volunteer bus drivers, to Louise and disability workers who help make this event happen each week and to Robert's 81-year-old mother, Joyce, who cares for her 64-year-old son, without respite, and loves the night out. Special thanks go to Tory and James. It was a lot of fun dancing the hokey pokey, the chicken dance and Nutbush with you. Enjoy the next dinner dance!

Finally, to DADHC, the Entrance Public School and Toukley Senior Citizens, thank you for your ongoing support of this outstanding local charity. It was wonderful to be with you on Thursday night, to see everybody enjoying themselves and the great atmosphere. Congratulations and thank you.