Kallan is a champion

05 December 2019

I rise today, on the International Day of People with Disability, to acknowledge the many people in my community who live with disability.

I also want to pay tribute to their family carers for their love, support and advocacy.

Today I want to speak about a friend of mine, an impressive young athlete whose name is Kallan Strong, who is growing up in Wadalba.

Kallan is a talented tenpin bowler living with a disability.

Kallan has won a string of state and national competitions, and, in June, Kallan competed at the 31st national championships, where he won the New South Wales state team gold medal, bowling and winning all seven games as lead bowler, and the all events silver medal.

Kallan also made the top 16 masters, with 1,655.

Kallan was also recognised with a plaque for being the first one to bowl the high game of the tournament, with a 278.

More recently, Kallan won the New South Wales country junior cup, in Orange.

I was really pleased to see Kallan and his mum recently, at a high school graduation at The Entrance Campus.

She is rightly proud of Kallan and his string of outstanding achievements in sport and outside of sport.

I want to take this opportunity to pay a special tribute to mums and dads like Lee-anne.

Lee-anne does everything that she can so that Kallan can train, compete and excel.