Fix the Road Through Wyong

Fix the Road Through Wyong Main Image

15 February 2022

Locals and business owners on the Central Coast have been calling on this government to fix the road through Wyong for years. It's a bottleneck that can take over half an hour to clear on a busy day and even longer when there's an accident on the M1. It's a nightmare, and locals are fed up. One of my constituents, Victoria, from Ourimbah, told me she had had a bad accident on this round around five years ago. She said: 'I was told by the attending police officer that there were major upgrades to be taken in the near future, but nothing has ever come of it.' The upgrade of the Pacific Highway through Wyong should be a top priority for this government. It would ease congestion, improve safety and open up employment zones on either side of the town centre for businesses like Wideline, which has two factories, two to three kilometres apart, which can take 40 to 50 minutes to travel between.

So far the Morrison government has left the heavy lifting to New South Wales, which has managed to scrape together some funding for planning and property acquisition. While this is welcome, when will the roadworks begin? When will the federal government step up and invest in our local roads? According to the NRMA, the Central Coast has one of the biggest infrastructure backlogs in all of New South Wales. In fact, the last major project in our region was the M1 upgrade, started by the member for Grayndler when he was infrastructure minister. While other regions are surging ahead, the north end of the Central Coast is being left behind. After years of neglect, Coasties have had enough. It's not good enough. We deserve better.