Carers must be properly supported

27 May 2020


Shadow Assistant Minister for Carers, Emma McBride MP, has welcomed the Liberal Morrison Government’s announcement of 16 Regional Delivery Partners for integrated carer support but cautioned they must be properly resourced.

“Many carers are under enormous pressure caused by this Liberal Government’s failure to properly deliver the NDIS and ongoing delays to home care packages,” Ms McBride said.

“It is a relief existing carer services won’t lose funding until May 31, 2020, when some had been preparing to close their doors in September.

“The $700 million funding to support carers is a step in the right direction but Australia has 2.7 million unpaid carers, around 856,100 of whom are primary carers. If all their care was replaced with paid care the value would be at least $60 billion.

“This new package will assist a maximum of 700,000 carers and its rollout has been delayed by over six months. That’s not a good start.

“This government’s maladministration of the NDIS and home care packages must not be repeated with carers.

“Since 2013 it has tried to axe the Energy Supplement, stop indexation of the pension, and it has used $1.6 billion of unspent NDIS funds to prop up its budget. It is time for this government to properly support unpaid carers. We will be watching closely.”

Monday, 25 August, 2019