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Toukley Torchbearers "wouldn't last"

July 30, 2019

I was also made very welcome at the Toukley Torchbearers for Legacy’s 34th annual friendship luncheon, another wonderful local group.

Meeting minutes from the early days of Toukley Torchbearers suggest that those in the south did not think a group in the north of the Coast would take off. How wrong they were.

Towards the end of 1984 a group of women who regularly attended Gosford Torchbearers meetings thought a branch in Toukley would be a good idea.

“Some resistance was made at Gosford as previous endeavours in other areas had not been at all successful,” Toukley Torchbearer Betty Morrison wrote in June 2001.

Fortunately the group is still going strong, supporting and fund raising for Legacy, the charity known for its proud tradition of caring for families following the injury or death of a spouse serving in the defence forces.

Special mention must go to Fran Rush, a foundation member who is still an active part of the group today. As well as a big congratulations to new life members Alma Russell, Jean Aitken, Hazel Duckett, Fay Robinson and Lyn Whitby.