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Our dam levels are at 58%

February 01, 2019

Emma with David Harris MP at damEmma and David Harris MP

Emma with NSW Member for Wyong David Harris, at the
Mardi to Mangrove project pumping station, Wyong River.


The Central Coast's dam levels are at 58% and falling

Sydney's desalination plant was switched on over the Australia Day long-weekend as its dams fell below 60% and are now falling faster than during the millennial drought.

Water is precious.

That’s why many of you have found it hard to believe the federal Liberal Government has approved the Wallarah 2 coal mine under our water catchment. We have a very small catchment and a growing population.

We all remember the millennial drought: two-minute showers and bucketing bath water onto the lawn. In 2007 our dams fell to below 10%. Wyong Council was seriously looking at buying water and having it delivered in trucks. Our dams are now down to the lowest point in 5 years.

The Liberals must provide answers about their reckless approval of the Wallarah 2 coal mine in our water catchment.

How do the Liberals expect the Central Coast to cope in the future when water loss due to mine subsidence coupled with drought empties our dams?

If the NSW and Federal Liberal Governments truly believe this mine will not result in water loss from our catchment why have they imposed 120 consent conditions?

Sign my petition to show your objection to Wallarah 2


The community deserves answers 

There are too many unanswered questions about this mine. Study after study has shown that it will cause significant subsidence in the catchment. Even the mining company estimated 300 megalitres of water could be lost a year. The combined capacity of the Central Coast's three dams is 202,000 megalitres so a 300 megalitre loss per year would pose a real risk to the security of our water supply, especially during a drought.

Federal Environment Minister Melissa Price has ignored our pleas to use her powers to stop this mine. Can Scott Morrison guarantee the security of the Central Coast's extremely vulnerable water supply?

I need your help to let the Morrison Government know our community thinks this decision is short-sighted, disappointing and dangerous.

Send a clear message to both the Federal and NSW Liberal Governments by telling them that the Central Coast community places the security of its drinking water ahead of a coal mine.

Sign my petition to show your objection to Wallarah 2