JobKeeper - know the rules

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23 April 2020

  • Businesses must have paid their employees before they will receive the JobKeeper subsidy from the ATO each month.
  • Where an employee has previously earned less than $1500 per fortnight, for the JobKeeper period, they will need to be paid a minimum of $1500.
  • Where an employee has previously earned more than $1500 per fortnight, the JobKeeper payment can be used to supplement their normal wage.
  • The following entities will not be eligible to participate in the JobKeeper program: Australian Government and its agencies; State and Territory Governments and their agencies; foreign governments and their agencies; local councils; wholly owned corporations of any of the former; a business subject to the Major Bank Levy; a company in liquidation; and a sole trader or partnership in bankruptcy.
  • If you do not use a single-touch payroll you will need to complete a manual payment process.
  • Employers will need to satisfy requirements for each eligible employee for each 14-day period of the scheme, commencing 30 March to 12 April.
  • If you had employees that were stood down after 1 March, if you register them as eligible you still need to pay them before you will receive the JobKeeper subsidy for them.
  • If your business doesn’t currently meet the turnover test you can opt in to the program at a later date within the current six-month timeframe but payments will not be back-dated to the commencement of the scheme.