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If you have a robodebt

May 06, 2020

Robodebt refers to debts owed to the Australian Government as a result of a government claim that you have received an overpayment of benefits.

The person owing the money finds out when they receive a debt notice under the government's Automated Debt Recovery System (dubbed Robodebt).

Last November (2019) a Federal Court ruling indicated that some Robodebts may be unlawful.

The government is still collecting payments, even during the pandemic.

People with existing Robodebt repayment arrangements have to call a hotline to have their payments reviewed or suspended due to COVID-19. If this is you, call 1800 076 072.

The government has said no new debts will be raised until October.

The Central Coast Community Legal Centre can assist you with further information and advice ph 4353 4988.