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How to fix the tradie crisis

March 10, 2020

Training for tradies

According to new data from the education department the Central Coast has lost about 1140 apprentices and trainees under the Liberals.

Around 140,000 apprentices and trainees have been lost across Australia.

It’s hurting our economy and denying Australians jobs. 

We have shortages of bricklayers, plumbers, hairdressers, bakers, electricians, mechanics, panel beaters, and other critical trades.

This is a skills crisis and it’s holding back local business and denying locals jobs.

Many local businesses want to expand and hire locals, but they are being let down by the Liberals’ failure on training. 

The Australian Industry Group says 75 per cent of businesses are struggling to find qualified workers.

There are almost two million Australians looking for work or more hours.

On the Central Coast we have a high long-term youth unemployment rate. Young people need employment opportunities through apprenticeships.

When the Liberals came to power there were 4709 apprenticeships on the Central Coast and now the region has 3569.

That’s a drop of 25 per cent.

Dobell had 2401 which has fallen to 1841 - a loss of 560 apprenticeships.

The Liberals have cut around $3 billion from TAFE and training. 

By locking Australians out of skills and training, the Liberals are locking Australians out of jobs. The government needs to restore funding to TAFE and work with local businesses to support them to take on and retain apprentices and trainees.

If you’re a local business or someone looking for an apprenticeship or traineeship on the Coast please share your story with me by emailing or call 43530127.