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Alcohol Advertising and Sponsorship in Sport

June 20, 2019

When alcohol is not marketed or consumed responsibly, it can hurt individuals, families and communities. That’s why at the last election Labor committed to develop a new National Alcohol Strategy with a focus on evidence-based measures to prevent and reduce alcohol-related harms, including alcohol-related violence.

We also committed that the strategy would focus on high-risk behaviours, like binge drinking, and will protect the most vulnerable populations across the country.

Importantly, as part of the strategy Labor committed to limit alcohol advertising to children and work with state, territory and local government to reduce children’s exposure in other settings.The harmful misuse of alcohol will remain a focus as we develop our policy for the next election and a Shorten Labor Government.

In the meantime, you may be aware that the advertising of alcoholic drinks on commercial free to air television in Australia is already restricted according to programming classifications and broadcast times.

The content of alcohol advertising is also regulated under a co-regulatory scheme with guidelines that have been negotiated with government.  From 1 November 2017 a new ABAC Responsible Alcohol Marketing Code will be implemented. For more information about this scheme, please visit the Alcohol Beverages Advertising Code Scheme at as well as the Advertising Standards Bureau at

As a pharmacist and mental health professional I remain committed to curbing the harmful use of alcohol and working with all stakeholders to ensure community standards are reflected in the regulatory scheme.