Media Releases


May 16, 2018

I was pleased to welcome Shadow Assistant Treasurer and Shadow Minister for Competition and Productivity Andrew Leigh to Tuggerah on May 16 to launch Labor’s “Your Car,Your Choice” policy on the Central Coast.

We visited Coasteer Automotive in Tuggerah Business Park, owned by David and Sonia McGinnis, who welcomed Labor’s policy.

The policy will make car manufacturers share their technical information so that vehicles can be serviced by any mechanic.

It will put more money back into the pockets of car owners and give 23,000 independent repairers throughout Australia a boost.

Modern cars are computers on wheels, but independent mechanics face a problem when it comes to fixing them because they don’t get the same information from car manufacturers as authorised dealers do.

Manufacturers did agree on a voluntary code of data-sharing, but it hasn’t worked, and the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission has said a mandatory code is needed.

Although the Turnbull Government has done nothing, a Labor Government would make data sharing compulsory.

Independent mechanics outnumber dealers four to one. This policy will help them fix your car, making repairs and servicing cheaper.

As Andrew Leigh says: No one tells you which car to buy, so why should anyone tell you where to get it serviced?