Media Releases


June 15, 2018

On World Elder Abuse Awareness Day I was pleased to open the “Celebrating Ageing: Valuing Your Wisdom, Knowledge and Experience” event at Erina Fair.
Organised by the NSW Elder Helpline and Resource Unit, it drew attention to the important issue of elder abuse, but also celebrated ageing in a positive way.
The World Health Organisation reports that one in 10 older people experience elder abuse, and that most of it is perpetrated by family members.
Elder abuse is real, and sadly it happens in our community.
Sometimes it's obvious; a grandparent being pushed into residential care so their family home can be sold. Sometimes it's invisible to others until a bank account has dwindled and there's no money left to buy food.
As a pharmacist at Wyong Hospital I worked in the mental health inpatient units and saw the most severe forms of elder abuse.
Ensuring that older Australians are protected and are given the opportunity to live dignified, good lives must be a priority in Australia.
I am pleased to see it is a priority on the Central Coast, with well over 100 people and nearly 20 service providers attending “Celebrating Ageing” at Erina Fair on Friday.
I want to congratulate the NSW Elder Helpline and Resource Unit for organising this valuable event.