Uluru Statement

Thank you for seeking my views about the Uluru Statement from the Heart.

Labor has long supported a constitutionally enshrined Voice to Parliament - it’s what First Nations people asked for in the Uluru Statement.

It’s disappointing the Government is starting a co-design process for a referendum and a voice to government, by ruling out the enshrined voice people have asked for.

We cannot allow the Uluru Statement to be ignored during this pandemic.

The Government‘s co-design process should listen to what First Nations people say, without ruling things in or out.

First Nations people are best placed to understand and resolve the challenges facing them. It is therefore crucial that First Nations people have a say in laws, policies and decisions affecting them.

A Voice to Parliament enshrined in our constitution will allow First Nations people to do this.

Labor is committed to the Uluru Statement in full, this includes a First Nations voice to the parliament enshrined in the constitution, as well as a national process for Treaty-making and Truth-telling; strengthen economic and job opportunities for First Nations people; and empower First Nations people in caring for land and water. Read more about our policy here.