RN 24-7

Thank you for seeking my views regarding the motion moved by the Member for Indi.

Many Labor members spoke to the motion, but it’s up to the Prime Minister to allow a vote on it.

The Prime Minister would have you believe his government has listened to the evidence given to the Royal Commission into Aged Care.

The Government says it will commit to 200 minutes of care per resident per day, but the only reference to registered nurses is the very minimal requirement of one registered nurse on site in the morning and PM shifts.

There is no mention of nurses 24/7 or of extra nursing minutes of care, as recommended by the Royal Commission.

This, of course, is not to diminish the role of Enrolled Nurses or Personal Care Workers, or the many other dedicated staff who care for and support older Australians living in aged care.

This is about our elderly, our most vulnerable citizens.

Labor will announce specific policies nearer the election, but rest assured we are committed to better aged care.