Disability Doesn’t Discriminate

Thank you for seeking my views regarding the Disability Doesn’t Discriminate campaign.

As I’m sure you’re aware, people who enter the NDIS before the age of 65 can choose either to stay in the scheme once they turn 65 or enter the aged care system.

When the NDIS was created in 2013, it was designed for people aged 65 and younger, to complement aged care for over 65’s. When the NDIS was being set up, the aged care system offered much greater support.

However, after eight years of Coalition neglect, the NDIS is now a better option for many people with a disability compared to aged care.

Labor believes all people should get the care they need.

And, people who are over 65 and living with a disability need better support.

The Government is in the process of dismantling the NDIS, in a bid to keep people living with a disability from using the scheme and its vital supports.

A Labor Government is the only government which can fix the NDIS and aged care so  Australians with a disability get the care they need.

Older Australians and people with disabilities deserve better.