Hold a Mock Parliament at your school

My Mock Parliament brings Canberra to the classroom, letting students learn how laws are made.

Would you like to hold a Mock Parliament at your school?

You will need to select students to be office bearers, the main positions are:

Prime Minister
Opposition Leader
Sergeant at Arms
Minister for Education
Shadow Minister for Education
Government Whip
Opposition Whip
Member for -------------- (Independent Member)
Member for--------------- (Government Member)
Member for -------------- (Opposition Member)

Emma likes to involve all students in the debate, therefore what we normally do is ask you to appoint all the above positions and then select about 6 Independent Members and then split the rest of the group in half (a couple extra on the Government side) – Government will sit on one side and opposition on the other side.

The Government will introduce the bill – an example would be: “No homework bill”. The Education Minister will read the proposed bill – the Shadow Education Minister will then have the opportunity to respond – and explain why Homework should not be banned.

All Government members and Opposition Members will have the opportunity to speak on the bill – and should reflect the position of their party (ie. Govt for no homework and Opposition should be for homework) and give reasons why they believe either view.

The independent members usually come up with a compromise; it is the job of the Government and the Opposition to convince the Independents to vote with their party.

Download the Mock Parliament Script and Instructions

Download the Parliament Activity Sheets to play beforehand


Hold a Mock Parliament at your school

If you would like Emma McBride MP to visit your school and run a Mock Parliament for your class or team, please fill out the form, or, alternatively, call our office to book in.