Dobell Awards Open for 2018

Last year I introduced the Dobell Award for outstanding service to the community by a student. Each school in my electorate was invited to nominate a student, and over 20 students received the award. In 2018, with your assistance, we will continue to celebrate the work of our young people.

In the past 12 months I have visited many schools to hold Mock Parliaments, visit Kitchen Gardens and present flags. It has been my pleasure to meet some amazing students who care about their school and our community.

If your school would like to nominate a student, please contact my office and advise the name of the student and their community service. The recipient will be presented with a certificate and a contribution to their school ($50 primary, $100 secondary).

I would be delighted to attend your end of year presentation ceremony to present this award, should my schedule allow it.

Note: This award is only open to schools in the Dobell Electorate.



Billal (Billy) Kulenovic (pictured above)
Stephanie De Groot
Arabella Zocher
Olivia Stewart
Alex McCann
Lily Garnham
Rachel Gammie
Rebecca Johnston
Jeremy Orwin
Noah Sutton
The Environment Club
Will Anderson
Tanique Nolan
Neeve-Rose Stubbs
Isabella Dimarco